We provide a wide range of Services and Programmes to our Clients.  

Our Programmes are specifically designed to address the many issues affecting Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder [FASD] and other neuro-disabled individuals with learning, sensory,adaptive and executive functioning, and behaviour management issues arising from their neuro-disability.  

Our Programmes cover the life-span of an individual from babies to adults.  We also offer a diagnostic service.

Most of our Programmes are modular-based.  While we do encourage participation in the full Programme to get the best results for our Clients, this modular approach does mean that clients can select specific topics of interest or need, as required.

Programmes where we work directly with FASD individuals have been designed to meet their specific learning style and needs.  This means we only work with them one-on-one or in small groups of no more than 4 people.  The Programmes are also long so we have time to repeat and shift learning from their short-term memory to their long-term memory, and develop new behaviour templates.  The Programmes are based on visual and "hands-on" [actually doing it] based learning.

If you are interested in enrolling in any or our Programmes or using any of our other services, please contact us for more information or complete the Referral Form found on our Contact Us page.

Our Programmes and Services include:


Baby Early Gains Invervention [BEGIN] Programme 

This Programme is designed to assist caregivers of FASD and other neuro-disabled babies with attachment, bonding, eating, sleep and toileting issues.  It also supports improved executive functioning, and body movement and co-ordination development.  This Programme specifically includes baby massage interventions by a trained professional, which has been shown to improve life-outcomes.

For ages: 0-3 years

The Boss of Your Bladder [BOSS] Programme

This Programme addresses nocturnal bed-wetting which is often experienced by individuals with a neuro-disability.  Specific referal criteria apply.

[For ages: 8 years & over]                                                                                      

FASD Diagnostic Service

The earlier the diagnosis of an FASD, the better the life outcomes for the individual and their family/whānau.  Early diagnosis enables identification of appropriate strategies and interventions for that particular individual, and lessens the secondary and tertiary effects of FASD.  

The EMoTE Emotional Regulation and Resilience [Whakahaere i kare] Programme

This Programme assists neuro-disabled people to better recognize and manage their feelings and emotions.  A crucial component of this Programme is the use of Sensory Integration Theory, and the use of the evidence-based Relax Kids Program.

[For ages: 5 years & over]or ages: 8 years & overoFor ages: 8 years & overr ages: 8 years & over

The Financial Management Skills [FAMES] [Pūtea Pūkenga] Programme

A common issues faced by neuro-disabled individuals is an inability to understand and manage money and finances.   This is a hands-on and practical-based Programme for older adolescents and adults to improve their financial management skills and capabilities.          

[For ages: 15 years & over]o

FASD Parenting  & Caregiver Support Programmes                                                      

BEACON offers two FASD Parenting & Caregiver support Programmes:

The Guardian Angel In-Home Parenting & Caregiver Programme where we work one-on-one with the caregivers and family/whānau to help them understand the many facets of FASD and how to manage it in a "real" home environment.  We identify specific areas of concern or need, and develop individualized strategies for that particular individual and their family/whānau.
The Group Parenting [Nga mātua] Programme for FASD parents and caregivers where we meet once a week for 10 weeks and work through a specific programme of Modules.  The Modules cover a range of topics that are met in raising, supporting, managing, and advocating for FASD individuals across their life-span.                                                                                                                                                      

The Independence [iDEPT] Programme

This Programme is designed to assist individuals with a neuro-disability who are in a correctional facility to plan for their release, and re-learn the life skills necessary to succeed on re-integration into society. 

[For ages: 17 years and over]o

Individualized Strategies Plans [ISPs]

We work with the caregivers, family/whānau  and other people or organizations involved with the FASD individual to develop and implement Individualized Strategies Plans  [ISPs] for that particular person.  This involves in-home and school assessments, then identification of practical and realistic strategies and interventions for will work for that particular individual, and their caregivers and family/whānau.  We then work with and support the caregivers in their home, their family/whānau, and the individual's school to implement the ISP strategies.       

The Key Worker [KEY] Programme

The Key Worker [KEY] Programme has been established to remove some of the stress from parents/caregivers by taking on the role of liaising and co-ordinating services and interactions with all organizations involved with the individual and their family/whānau/caregivers.

The Kia Kaha [Stay Strong] Resilience Programmes

These programmes include the use of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy [CBT] and evidence-based programmes that build life, social, and problem-solving skills.  The aim of the Kia Kaha programmes is increased self-awareness, improved self-esteem and confidence, and the development of an ability to "roll with the punches" of life.

There are three Programmes to choose from depending on the age of the FASD individual:

  • Kia kaha tamariki for the 5-12 year age group

  • Kia kaha te toiohi for the 13-17 year age group

  • Kia kaha nga pakeke for adults [18 years and over]

ReParenting  & Caregiver Support Programmes

The Mindfulness [Mahara] Programme

This Programme will increase a neuro-disabled adult's ability to pay attention, concentrate, stay calm, and deal with feelings of stress, worry, anxiety and depression.  The aim of this Programme is also to improve the individual's self-control, objectivity, and tolerance.

[For ages: 18 years & over]o                                                                                                                                                                                                   

The Money for Kids [Moni] Programme

This Programme is for children and teenagers with a neuro-disability to introduce them to basic money management concepts and habits.

[For ages: 8 - 14 years]o


We provide a range of presentations about FASD,  Conduct Disorder,  and other neuro-disabilities which can be tailored to meet our Client’s specific needs or interests.      Please contact us directly to discuss your interests and needs.  Our contact details are on our Contact Us page.

The Pro-Motion Bowel Training [ProMPT] Promgramme

The ProMPT Programme address bowel issues often associated with a neuro-diability.  

At BEACON we are extremely fortunate to have one of New Zealand's leading nurse experts running this programme!  She has a fantastic success rate and can really help with this debilitating problem.

[For all ages]

The Relax Kids Programme                                      

The Relax Kids Programme  is an "evidence-based" Programme developed in England that has been proven to teach children strategies to manage anxiety, and address issues of low self-esteem and behaviour.   BEACON  is extremely fortunate to have one of the very few licensed Relax Kids coaches in New Zealand.    It is a wonderful Programme and you will notice a positive change in your child almost immediately.    Relax Kids  is a Programme that can be used at all ages but at BEACON we focus on the years until adolescence.   

[For ages: 4 - 13 years]      

The S.A.P. [Substance Abuse Protection] Programme

This is an awareness programme specifically designed to teach FASD and neuro-disabled children and adolescents about the health and criminal effects, and emotional dependency issues related to drug and substance abuse.  Unfortunately drug and substance abuse is a common issue for FASD individuals in particular, due to their lack of emotional and impulse regulation, lack of good judgement, and sometimes inherited addictive natures.  This Programme delivers the necessary information in a way that they can understand.

[For ages: 8 years and over] 

The FASD SASSIE [School and Student Support in Education] Programme

The SASSIE Programme is a two part programme to assist schools, teachers, and teacher aides in the education and behaviour management of FASD students.

PART One:  A two day Workshop with the school staff to provide essential information about FASD and education issues, and behaviour management strategies.

PART Two:  Working one-on-one with the teacher and school to develop appropriate interventions and strategies for individual students.

The S.O.S Social Skills [Pūkenga Pāpori] Programme

The S.O.S Programme assists neuro-disabled individuals to develop vitally important social skills.  Everyone needs  to be able to effectively interact with people and form positive relationships.  However, social skills are usually very difficult for a neuro-disabled person  to understand and learn.  This is a practical hands-on Programme involving active practice and use of social skills in real life settings. 


[For ages: 5 years and over]

The Sunrise [Whitinga] Programme 

This Programme addresses common issues experienced by adults with a neuro-disability.  The Programme specifically includes the development of realistic support plans for the individual to live as independently as possible.

[For ages: 18 years and over]

Workshop Training

At BEACON we offer a range of specific Workshops that address specific neuro-disabilities, but we are also able to develop Workshops to meet the interests and needs of ourt Clients.  Our current Workshops include:

A Conduct Disorder Workshop for those individuals and services working with individuals who have been diagnosed with this disorder.
An FASD in Education Workshop for those working in the education sector wanting a better understanding of FASD and presenting behaviour, and its management in an educational setting.
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder [FASD] Workshop for those individuals and organisations working with FASD individuals and their family/whānau who want a better understanding of FASD and presenting behaviour, and effective support and management strategies.
A Neuro-disdability Workshop for those individuals and organizations dealing with a range of neuro-disabilities with a focus on FASD, ADD/ADHD, Aspergers, Autism. Conduct Disorder, and Oppositional Defiance Disorder [ODD].
A Youth and Justice Workshop for those individuals and services working in the criminal justice sector with youth who have FASD.        

The Youth Life Skills [Pūkenga Ora] Programme 

 This Programme teaches neuro-disabled individuals some of the basic life skills required to support their ability to be as independent as possible.   

[For ages: 14-18 years]                                                                           

All BEACON Aotearoa programmes involve integration and application of the evidence-based ALERT Program®

to teach individuals strategies for self-regulation.

This Program is based on Sensory Integration Theory and addresses issues of sensory dysfunction often experienced by individuals with a neuro-disability.