Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) is the number one preventable brain-based disability affecting thousands of people in New Zealand.
Not just the individuals themselves, but their families/whānau and the other people they interact with on a daily basis in our communities.
They are often seen as the “naughty” and “misbehaving”children or youth, who are constantly in trouble and not learning from their mistakes.  
However, those afflicted with (FASD) are not deliberately “misbehaving”.  They have a brain injury caused by prenatal exposure to alcohol.  
FAS-D Consultancy Services recognizes (FASD) as the real neuro-disability that it is.  
The "D" in FAS-"D" Consultancy Services stands for "disability".  We recognize that an individual diagnosed with (FASD) has a brain injury they must manage and live with their whole life.
We therefore provide services from infancy through to adulthood for these individuals, with particular emphasis placed on early interventions to help improve their life outcomes.