The EMoTE Programme

 A Social-Emotional Learning [SEL]Programme 

Programme Duration:  26 weeks

Sessions:                          Once a Week [1-2 hours]

For ages:                          5 years and over

Age groups:  5-7 years

                        8-10 years

                        11-13 years

                        14-17 years

                        18 years and over                                                                 

Participant Numbers:   Minimum of 1 and Maximum of 4 

Venue:                              To be discussed

The EMoTE Programme is a social-emotional learning Programme which aims to give individuals insight, knowledge, and the skills they need to understand and effectively manage their emotions, establish positive and healthy relationships, and make good and responsible decisions.

Emotional regulation is not just about managing one's temper.  It is also about being able to deal with feelings like frustration, anxiety, stress, and difficult situations.

This Programme has been developed to assist:

  • neuro-disabled people
  • people who have experienced trauma and have attachment issues
  • people who struggle with social-emotional regulation and other social-emotional issues.

These individuals often struggle to understand, manage, and control their emotions.   This Programme gives them the tools they need to build their emotional intelligence and resilience so that they are better able to deal with inevitable "ups and downs" of life.

This Programme also gives them the skills they need to improve their social interactions, make good decisions, and achieve better life-outcomes.

The EMoTE Programme integrates sensory and other proven techniques from the evidence-based ALERT ProgramĀ® and the Relax Kids Programme to teach the individual how to self-regulate in any environment.   It gives them specific strategies to recognize and manage their emotions, and these strategies are actively practised during the Programme. 

This is an intensive programme conducted over a significant period of time.  This is required to cement the learning through use of a range of information media, active practice, role-playing and other activities, and repetition to shift learning from the short-term to the long-term memory.

We work with clients at their developmental level, not their chronological age.  If there is more than 1 participant on the Programme, the other participants need to be in the same developmental age group, although there is some flexibility in these age groupings.

The Programme also requires parent/caregiver involvement at stages in the Programme to ensure that the information and strategies being learned are practised, supported, and reinforced in their home environment.  

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